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Thumbnail Shadithya - Best psychiatric hospital in Chennai
Shadithya Hospital in Pallavaram, Chennai-UK Based centre for best Psychiatric Care, Alcohol DeAddiction, Dementia, Young Minds Clinic for Children & Counselling. Experienced Psychologists & Psychiatrists trained in London.
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Shadithya - Psychiatry|Psychiatrist|Therapist|Neuropsychiatry
Shadithya's psychiatric doctors do best psychiatric service in India: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry.
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Shadithya hospital - Psychiatric Care | Psychiatric disorders
Shadithya Hospital is an Exclusive psychiatric care clinic provides assessment & treatment for all psychiatric disorders, dementia, deaddiction, electroconvulsive, child and young minds clinic.
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Shadithya hospital - Physical Health care | Psychiatric
Shadithya psychiatric hospital is the best hospital for multispecialty as it undertakes both physical health care and psychiatric health care services in Pallavaram,Chennai. (near the Airport)
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Shadithya hospital - In-Patient wards | Psychiatric and medical Doctors
Mental distress leads to mental health disorders. It is a major problem. But, our experienced psychiatric and medical doctors put much effort on psychiatric nursing care can assist you.
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Shadithya hospital –mentally retarded people | Psychiatrist
Shadithya hospital exclusive clinic for Children & Adults with Mental retardation, manage psychiatric disorders and challenging behaviour with medical and non medical approaches.
Added on: 2017.07.28
Thumbnail Sleep Hypnopill - trusted method to fight insomnia
Sleep Hypnopill - is a project of international team. We’ve been studying sleep deprivation problem for more than 10 years from people all around the world. After long researches we came up with an audio hypnosis for sleep.
Added on: 2017.09.07
Thumbnail couples counseling Long Island
Find marriage counseling center in Forest Hills, Queens and Long Island. Hal Brickman is the experienced Couples counseling Therapist NYC.
Added on: 2017.07.31
Thumbnail The Happy Place
The Happy Place is an online support community and discussion forum for people in India, who are suffering through depression and other Mental Health concerns.
Added on: 2016.06.11
Thumbnail Brain Health Solutions
Brain health solutions is a set of natural medicines to reduce most pressing troubles like lack of sleep, unable to focus, nervousness in work. All herbal medicine are formulated using herbal extracts with utmost care and dedicated scientific research.
Added on: 2016.07.21
Thumbnail Carmen Ilea - Psychologist in Cluj Napoca
Experienced psychologist from Cluj Napoca provides therapy and counseling sessions for children, adults, couples and families. Services include helping with issues like anxiety, phobias, depression, low self esteem, stress, weight control.
Added on: 2017.07.25