Guest blog post

Besides article writing, what’s another fantastic way to build trust, credibility, and exposure?

Similar to publishing articles on credible article directories, guest posting helps you advocate your platform.

With guest posting, you can achieve the following:

  • Network with fellow experts in your niche
  • Foster your credibility and authority
  • Increase your visibility and reach in your niche
  • Connect with new readers to grow your readership
  • Provide unique backlinks to your blog or website

When writing a guest post …

Similar to publishing articles on, guest posting is most successful with quality, informative content. Don’t forget to provide a Resource Box or brief author biography that offers information about you, your organization, and how readers can further connect with you (i.e., a link).

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when writing a guest post:

  • You’re entering another expert’s territory – ensure your piece has topnotch value to truly represent you and your brand.
  • Scope out their audience! Provide benefit-oriented content for their needs and wants.
  • Format content into easily digested chunks. Write in succinct paragraphs as well as use bolded headers and lists.
  • Use active language and anecdotes to convey your point – are you the stuffy guest or are you the life of the party? (Be the latter!


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